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Menu and winelist

Everybody knows that they get hungry at sea. That’s why food always taste extra good on a ship. Chose from our menu and enjoy the best meal this summer.

A full à la carte menu is available at 6.30 Mondays and from. 5 pm Tuesday-Saturday.
Other times the kitchen opens at. 11.00 and offers lunch menu.

All food from the galley on board!


Today’s Lunch incl. meal drink, coffee/tea and bisciut ….. 170 SEK
Select between:
Today’s Meat Dish
Today’s Fish Dish
Today’s Vegetarian Dish

Lunch Appetizers:
Tomato Mozzarella ….. 120 SEK
Smoked Salmon Mousse ….. 135 SEK
Wasas Toast Skagen ….. 140 SEK
Wasas Wilderness Toast ….. 140 SEK

In addition, we have all children’s dishes and desserts as below.


Tomato Mozzarella ….. 120 SEK
Wasas Propaccio ….. 120 SEK
Wasas Toast Skagen ….. 140 SEK
Wasas Wilderness Toast ….. 140 SEK


Prawns with classic side dishes – Eat as much as you want…(must be pre-booked) ….. 295 SEK
Smoked Salmon, Skagen Sauce with a touch of Horseradish ….. 275 SEK
Grilled Röding (char) ….. 285 SEK
FIllet Wasa ….. 295 SEK
Tenderloin with Chanterelle Sauce ….. 325 SEK
Lamb Fillet with Red Wine Sauce ….. 325 SEK
Gnocchi (vegetarian) ….. 195 SEK


Pancake with strawberry jam ….. 85 SEK
Grilled sausage with french fries ….. 85 SEK
Meatballs ….. 85 SEK


Ampan’s Chocolate Praline ….. 25 SEK
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, strawberries or cloudberry jam
….. 90 SEK
Sorbet ….. 75 SEK
Chocolate Cake ….. 95 SEK
Pannacotta ….. 90 SEK
Banana Split ….. 105 SEK
Deep-fried Camembert with cloudberry jam ….. 115 SEK


We have carefully selected beers and ciders, mostly from local breweries, and well-chosen wines that perfectly match our menu.
We also have soft drinks, milk, juice and non-alcoholic adult drinks.

The bar is open on all our cruises.